There is no doubt that technology and big data can help fast-growing cities to manage their unpredictable changes and challenges caused by rapid urbanization. Technology can be integrated into vital and key infrastructure of cities to create smart and responsive cities. On the other hand, technological tools help cities to better identify their challenges, communicate, prepare, and manage any crisis in an uncertain and sophisticated environment. Despite the fact that there are abundant possibilities to deploy technology, there will be a multitude of challenges in some cities making the use of technology difficult. Therefore, the main objective of this chapter is to find answers to the following main questions:

Does creating merely a pure intelligent system and depending on technology make cities resilient?

Can technology be applied in every single city around the world?

To align with the objective, in this chapter, the interaction between intelligence and resilience of cities, obstacles and barriers that cities are facing to develop a smart city, and success factors will be discussed. The chapter is based on the author’s opinion and experience in several cities around the world.