Bioinspired advanced nanomaterials are high potential materials and emerging research field for designing unprecedented solutions for human disease management. In the design of such biomedicines, nanotechnologies hold huge potential, because human biological systems are derived from self-assembled nano units to perform the life processes. The nanomaterials are characterized shape, size, chemistry, and surface charge properties of cellular units and hence their use in biomedicine can alter the fate of current medical treatments. This chapter reviews the nature-nanotechnology amalgamation for innovation in nanomaterial synthesis and their applications in medicine. It presents development of plant-derived nanomaterials as the theragnostic solutions to transform biomedicine. Advantages of utilizing plants as source for nanomaterial synthesis, their pharmaceutical benefits, and effectiveness in treating human diseases are also highlighted. Chapter is aimed at considering plants as renewable, sustainable, and biocompatible resources for the production of nanomaterials with potential applications in the field of biomedicine.