The coefficient of consolidation (c h), an important soil property, is often estimated from the piezocone penetration test (CPTU) data. However, the number of interpreted c h data is usually limited especially in the horizontal direction because the CPTU is usually performed vertically and the dissipation test is time-consuming. In the present study, a novel method is proposed for the interpolation of c h data in a 2D vertical cross-section. Firstly, the original c h is interpolated by CPTU dissipation data. Then, the c h values are interpreted based on the dissipation data at every location including the untested locations using random field theory. Finally, real case is illustrated to prove the applicability of the proposed method. It is shown that the proposed method can reasonably interpolate the c h at untested locations. Overall, the new method can spatially interpolate the c h from limited CPTU dissipation data and significantly save the test time.