Smart distribution grid allows bidirectional power flow in the distribution system with a mixture of multiple renewable energy sources. The distribution system is highly affected by various power quality (PQ) disturbances like harmonics, transients, undervoltage, overvoltage, unbalance, etc. Ensuring the quality of power is supplied to the consumers is one of the major concerns of the distribution company. The distribution company has to monitor the PQ parameters at various locations of the smart distribution grid. This chapter discusses the monitoring of various PQ problems, such as undervoltage, overvoltage, interruption, and overload of a smart distribution system. It employs the remote communication stations (RCS) at the various locations of a smart distribution system. RCS monitors the various PQ parameters continuously and compares them with the reference value. It gives notifications whenever the PQ parameters exceed the reference values. This Internet of Things based monitoring system detects the PQ events such as undervoltage and overvoltage, unbalanced voltage, and overload. It sends the details to the distribution company/users using alert SMS and also on the web.