The load frequency control (LFC) is one of the operational problems in the power system. The supply of reliable and quality power to its users is the main aim of any electric power utility. The reliability of the power supply requires that the demand and losses should be equal to power generation in the power system. This balance is measured with the help of frequency in the output line. Hence, controlling the generation based on the change in load is carried out by the LFC. The frequency in the LFC areas and the tie line connecting the LFC areas should be the same to ensure reliability. In this research work, deregulated market structure two-area LFC and a tie line connecting them are considered. Intelligent algorithms provide better performance compared to the conventional optimization technique. For the LFC problem in the two-area power system, this paper considers the intelligent algorithms, namely flower pollination algorithm (FPA) and differential evolution (DE). The hybrid DE-FPA algorithm is being developed to manage the generating plant’s generation based on load variations at the 150critical damped time. Hybrid intelligent algorithms use the advantages of the DE and FPA and give better results as compared to conventional control techniques.