This chapter presents a catalog of fungi recorded in the area surrounding Syowa station, including the Breidvagnipa area, Langhovde area, Ongul Islands, Skallen area, and Skarvsnes ice-free area. The checklist includes both filamentous fungi and yeasts reported in the area surrounding Syowa Station, East Antarctica. As there have been no reports of Chytridiomycota or Zygomycota near the station, this checklist covers members of the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota in the kingdom Fungi. The chapter explains the major synonyms and recorded collection information near Syowa station using the references. Of note, a number of isolates or strains were not identified to the species level in the original articles; The chapter attempts to reclassify these isolates/strains if their DNA sequence was deposited with a DNA data bank. Ice and snow-free areas, present during the austral summer, are located around the coastal area of the continent. Most life forms in the continental Antarctic region are known to inhabit the ice and snow-free areas.