Encapsulation methods can be generally classified into manual, semiautomatic, and automatic. Manual methods involve manually dispensing powder on a dosing tray containing capsule bodies housed within wells, and powder filling occurs volumetrically by spreading powder over capsules. Encapsulation fill weight is controlled by the amount of powder added into the tray and the extent of tapping performed. Dosator-based machines, which are represented by the Zanasi and MG2, use a dosator for dosing powders. This chapter describes dosator machines based on a Zanasi-type machine. The precompression densification factor reflects densification that occurs during dosator insertion into the powder bed when the powder height is more than the piston height. Compression densification occurs from piston displacement against the powder after the dosator is immersed in the powder bed. Piston movement within a dosator is affected by two constraints: the spring and the powder. Encapsulation speed can affect the powder density within the bowl if it causes significant vibrations that compact the powder.