This chapter describes the various types of capsule filling machines, their operations, processes and capabilities, and various types of capsule filling support equipment currently in use. Capsule filling machines employ a variety of mechanisms to handle the various dosage ingredients. The dosator principle is employed by numerous fully automatic capsule filling machines. The dosator consists of a hollow metal tube with a spring-loaded adjustable piston that is volumetrically adjusted to capture the powder dose. The compression filling method is employed by certain models of Qualicaps filling machines. It is a modified version of the Tamping Pin/Dosing Disc method that employs four subhoppers, tapping rods, and a powder molding plate. The Xcelodose precision powder micro-dosing systems use the "pepper-pot" principle to dispense dose weights as low as 100 µg, and can precisely, accurately, and repeatedly fill capsules and other small dose containers without excipients or bulking agents.