Morinth's murderous spree prompts Samara Mindak to give up her possessions and join the monastic order of the Justicar, swearing to adhere to the strict Justicar Code and bring Morinth to justice for her crimes. From the sexually empowered lesbian mother Samara to the inquisitive bisexual virgin Liara, core Asari characters in the Mass Effect series serve to expand players' understanding of the spectrum of human female sexuality. Although traces of the blue-skinned space babe trope remain in the largely silent and near-identical Asari nightclub dancers, these dancers also enrich the world of Mass Effect by representing people who take on the profession in real life and are cast into the shadows for doing so. The Asari adult life stages of maiden, matron, and matriarch provide a useful paradigm for exploring the various ways that female-presenting characters in games—and in life—can thrive and embrace their sexuality at any age.