The entire Star Wars franchise revolves around the princess and her brother Luke Skywalker, the result of a secret tryst between a Jedi knight and a Republic Senator who could not resist each other, to the galaxy's doom. From the roguish smuggler to the suave agent, the suppressed Jedi to the decadent Sith, and even the tough trooper to the brutal bounty hunter, casual sex and romance is a common thread for all Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) players. The female smuggler gets the same chance on Balmorra with Numen Brock, a friendly, flirtatious fellow smuggler working with a political resistance group. Like the smuggler and agent, the four Jedi and Sith class stories in SWTOR would also have been incomplete without casual romance, though for very different reasons. For the Jedi, sex is assumed to lead inevitably to love, which is portrayed in the larger Star Wars universe as a temptation that must be resisted at all costs.