Ceramic coatings are the two-dimensional layered structures deposited on the surface of the substrate or object by several deposition procedures to improve the performance and sustainability of the engineering materials against various disciplines of disparate wear processes acting under distinct service environments. The extreme hardness coupled with the good toughening character of ceramic coating materials is the key property in endurable abrasive-resistant ceramic coatings primarily used for tool materials in machining and casting to provide excellent mechanical protection against abrasion and erosion. The intrinsic properties of a ceramic coating or coated structure, which most commonly include chemical composition, morphology, wettability, adhesion, thickness, roughness, residual stress and hardness. Coating technology elucidates the variety of deposition procedures used to deposit the ceramic coating on diverse substrate components operating under various process environments. Laser surface melting or alloying is an advanced ceramic coating practice that utilizes laser radiation as the heat source.