This chapter discusses a number of high-tech ceramic processing techniques including additive manufacturing (AM), atomic layer deposition, microinjection molding, and precious micromachining to make tiny, complex-shaped components. The market for powder injection molding is forecasted to increase up to $2.6 billion due to increasing demand for high-performance materials and the miniaturization of components for different sectors. A daunting task for engineer is the evolution and fabrication of complex geometry ceramics for high-end structural, biomedical, and environmental applications. Machining, stamping, and other subtractive processes create waste; however, there is minimal waste of raw material when manufacturing complex miniaturized ceramics using the AM process. The AM of metals facilitates the fabrication of 3-D complex parts made with titanium and its alloys, nickel-based alloys, magnesium alloys, and stainless steel, which are important in the aerospace, automotive, and biomedical industries. The availability of ceramic-based AM components with adequate mechanical properties is limited, although there is extensive market demand for complex ceramics made by AM.