The cosmetically sensitive perioral regions, including lips, jawline, chin, subnasale, and mandible, have previously been insufficiently analyzed regarding factors predisposing to perioral deflation and rhytides. In the upper central region, the white roll forms a V which, together with paramedian vermilion prominences, forms the Cupid's bow. Two vertical tissue columns form a midline depression, which extends from lip border to the columella above. The labiomental crease passes horizontally in an inverted U shape across the lower lip, separating it from the chin. The features of a youthful lip include upper lip eversion which results in 2–3 mm of upper tooth show. This reduces with age due to inversion secondary to loss of tissue volume and structural support. In youth the upper lip projects 1–2 mm ahead of the lower lip. With age, loss of structural volume leads to loss of upper lip projection with subsequent recession and flattening in the lateral view.