Global production of fruits and vegetables has increased manifold, rendering processing of major fruit and vegetable types reach new levels of productivity. Fruits and vegetables wastes have been investigated thoroughly for the extraction of dietary fiber, polyphenols and other bioactive compounds. Extraction is the most critical step to obtain bioactive compounds from fruit and vegetable wastes. Extraction method may vary with respect to the targeted bioactive compounds. Maceration method has been used for a long time for the preparation of tonic beverage at home and it has been used for extraction of bioactive compounds from plants because it is inexpensive. Isolation is very crucial for the recovery of potential and beneficial bioactive compounds from horticulture waste. Various solvents, which were used for the extraction of bioactive compounds, include ethanol, methanol, water, acetone, mixtures of ethanol and water, methanol and water or acetone and water. In general, various extraction and isolation techniques can be applied to bioactive compounds from the waste.