In the soil conservation arena, the terms soil degradation, land degradation, and desertification are used interchangeably. There are a number of interrelated components of land degradation that lead to a decline in agricultural production. Soil degradation refers to decline in the productive capacity of the soil as a result of soil erosion and changes in the hydrological, biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil. Soil erosion by water occurs on partially vegetated/or bare soils, sloping land whenever rainfall intensities exceed the soil infiltration capacity and there is runoff. Wind Erosion occurs when soil is left bare of vegetation as a result of cultivation, and/or overgrazing following overstocking. Waterlogging refers to a state of soil wherein there is free water in pore space. Economic development within the developing countries has led to expansion of urban and industrial land. In order to rehabilitate degraded land information on their nature, extent, spatial distribution is a prerequisite.