The water erosion is influenced by the inherent soil erodibility and modulated by the slope and cover factors. Within water erosion three stages, i.e., sheet, rill, and gully erosion, have been identified. The soil erosion by water is influenced by various factors in varying degrees. Soil erosion models can be used for farm planning, site-specific assessments, project evaluation and planning, policy decisions, and research tools to study processes and the behavior of hydrologic and erosion systems. Soil erosion and deposition affect chemical and physical properties of upper layer of soils, which affect their spectral reflectance pattern. D. Schmidt et al. integrated airborne hyperspectral data supported by morphological and physicochemical ground data over a Mediterranean rain-fed cultivated region to relate soil erosion processes with the land management and agricultural uses. Removal of surface soil by fluvial process exposes the subsurface soil with different color that could be captured by spaceborne multispectral images.