This chapter outlines some basic features of the fourth phase and deals with several of the implications including energetic aspects. It focuses on atmospheric science implications because everyone has interest in the weather, and describes some biological and health applications. This newly identified phase of water has been described in The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor. The water-based energy conversion framework is rich with implication for many systems involving water. The fourth phase appears nearly everywhere: all that's needed is water, radiant energy, and a hydrophilic surface. Beyond scientific, the discovery of the fourth phase has practical applications. They include flow production, electrical energy harvesting, and even filtration. Batmanghelidj documents years of clinical practice showing reversal of diverse pathologies simply by drinking more water. These two phenomena, radiant energy-induced biological function and like-likes-like cloud formation, provide examples of how water's energy can account for phenomena not otherwise explained.