This chapter introduces several investigations including development of novel processes including combining micro press-forming and automatically assembling in a progressive die for fabrication of micro devices, heat-assisted forming, dieless tube forming, and coating system for micro-die adapted to microforming. Micro parts in several hundreds of micrometers and a micro pump in several millimeters were made by using this microforming technology. Several investigations were carried out to indicate the advantages of heating-assisted microforming for improving and formability of workpiece and accuracy of the product. The heat-assisted microforming system with resistance heating was designed to satisfy low energy consumption and high forming accuracy to heat only the workpiece material and to limit the heat transferring to tools. Microtube which is one of the important micro components is used in various applications such as a painless injection needle and stent, heat exchanger, and micro nozzle. The chapter discusses the die surface treatment toward the final goal of the achievement of lubricant-free microforming.