In intermodal freight transport and logistics, inland waterway (IWW) operations also play an important role. This chapter discusses all the actual operations of the barge transport sector. From the discussion on infrastructure and vessels, it follows that different infrastructure aspects exist (such as rivers, canals, locks, bridges and terminals) which together form the inland waterway network (IWN). The chapter classifies IWW operations into four related categories: infrastructure; transport, port and terminal operations; management operations; and challenges influencing operations. One of the major tendencies in the IWW dry bulk transport market is that of overcapacity. Vessel capacity is often added in large volumes, which leads to overcapacity and thus cut-throat competition and low profits (or losses) for the skippers. When looking towards the future of IWW operations, five main challenges have been identified: sustainability, climate change, cost and price, truck platooning and information exchange.