This chapter focuses on the relevance of road haulage from the intermodal perspective. It describes how distribution centres feed intermodal links and also new initiatives such as government policies to allow longer and heavier vehicles to perform the first and last mile. It also includes a discussion of urban distribution, its limitations in terms of intermodal transport, but its increasing importance due to concerns about emissions in urban areas. The chapter also highlights the challenges and requirements of integrating pre- and post-haulage (PPH) with intermodal transport for the trunk haul. It is important for shippers to be aware that the management of inbound logistics and PPH, in connection with intermodal transport, can achieve great benefit for the whole supply chain. Much supply chain and logistics literature has addressed the key requirements in supply chain and logistics collaboration, such as trust, and decision synchronisation, and some authors have found these techniques useful in relation to developing intermodal transport services.