This chapter is about education for analytics and not about analytics in education. The chapter is concentrated on the sequence: problem-intelligence-data-knowledge and actions. The chapter is not focus on discussing the analytics topics to include in analytics training but rather on the skills that it is important to develop in analytics professionals to build and implement a successful analytics process. The chapter is presented using two examples: one of the analytics process and another of an analytics workflow to illustrate aspects of the required competencies in analytics to move from Know-What and Know-Why levels to Know-How and implementation realizations. Currently, not only are there new digital technologies to support organizations but also a volume of data that grows as a potentially valuable asset in organizations. However, there are limitations in the organization’s capabilities to obtain knowledge from data, use the knowledge to solve problems and to support the implementation of answers to complex problems and decisions. The limitations to solve problems from data analytics arise from: lack of understanding of required capabilities, reduced development of capabilities, lack of human expertise, lack of understanding of analytics tools, low use of the technological tools, and low analytics knowledge transfer capabilities in the organizations. In many cases, the inappropriate use of analytics knowledge and technology in organizations reduce the capacity to obtain solutions to support multidisciplinary and interdepartmental problem-solving approaches.

This chapter is uniquely designed to provide an integral view of the use of analytics knowledge: statistical, computational, and business as a symbiotic process to solve problems and support the decision-making process. The examples of the analytics process and workflow illustrate how different intelligences, data and analytics knowledge are associated with competencies development in organizations to enable an appropriate analytics process adoption and performance.