This chapter summarizes the different herbal formulations reported in the literature for the treatment of dental diseases. Herbal chewable tablets are an important alternative and convenient to conventional tablets in dental diseases. Such tablets have great and potential merits because of no need of water. It implies that the tablets can be given to the patient at any place in any time. A polyherbal formulation was used by Sharma et al. to prepare toothpaste and evaluate its anti-microbial activity. Mouthwashes are concentrated aqueous solutions of anti-microbial preparations, routinely used in the oral cavity after dilution to counter infections, for cleansing and anti-sepsis as well as refreshing the oral cavity. The health benefits of herbal mouthwashes include: relieving symptoms of gingivitis, canker sores, inflamed gums, sore mouth, inflamed or ulcerated throat, mouth infections, bleeding gums and teeth sensitivity.