This chapter discusses applications and potential of food grain storage structures. Storage of different food grains required scientific and modern approach because all the grains are content biological activities and respires that is why rapidly affected due to several insect-pest. Air tight storage systems used for storing the food grains in absence of oxygen because of insects-pests cannot survive in the storage structure without oxygen. Hermetic storage protected the stored food grains from rodents, insect-pest, and moisture migration by creating suitable storing atmosphere within the storage structure with the help of modified atmosphere. Domestic structures are generally used for small storage capacity (like guards, small baskets, baskets, earthen pots and jute bags) manufactured with the help of wood, metals, bamboo, mud and plastic. Kanaja is a traditional storage structures basically made with bamboo and plastered with either mixture of cow-dung and soil and covered by paddy straw. Gummi is circular or hexagonal in shape and considered as outdoor-type storage structure.