Nanophotonics is an advanced optical science that makes use of optical engineering. Almost all sciences and technologies inspire to make things smaller and smaller. The smallest scale available, which measures 10–9 m, is called nanoscale. The science that deals with nanoscaled elements is called nanoscience. Spectroscopy is another scientific approach. In brief, it is a specific assessment of the interaction between object and radiated energy. Classically, spectroscopy has been an important concept in optics. The oldest known work is on visible light. Nanoscale spectrometry is a specific new technique in nanoscience. It is widely mentioned in nanophotonics, the new branch of nanoscience. Indeed, nanophotonics is the study of photon or light, which is on the nanoscale. In radiology, modern medical science also directly deals with radiation. X-ray is another form of photon. Study by nanophotonics is possible. X-ray spectroscopy is a basic application in radiology. In nanoscale, X-ray spectrometry can also be useful.