This chapter considers miscellaneous topics connected with the general theme of the book. They include references to the contributions of some of the research groups with which the author is familiar. The Doppler frequency shift associated with reflection of an electromagnetic signal by a moving object (medium) is familiar to all. In this case, the medium along with the boundary is moving. An alternative is to create a moving boundary between two media and the two media themselves do not move. The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) technique seems to be well suited for handling the problem of transformation of an electromagnetic wave (EMW) by a time-varying and space-varying magnetoplasma medium. Chiral materials have molecules of helical structure. They are bi-isotropic materials and have the complex constitutive relations. The balancing of the wave breaking feature of a nonlinear medium complexity with the flattening feature of the dispersion leads to a soliton solution.