Multiconductor transmission lines (MTL), or multiconductor buses as they are often Called, are found in almost every electrical packaging technology and on every technology level from digital chips, over monolithic microwave integrated Circuits to multichip modules, boards, and backplanes. This chapter describes the circuit modeling in the frequency domain of uniform MTL based on the Telegrapher’s equations. The cross section of the MTL is small with respect to the relevant wavelengths, the longitudinal field components can be neglected and the transversal field components can be found from the solution of an electrostatic or magnetostatic problem in the cross section of the MTL. The chapter examines the Capacitance, inductance, resistance, and conductance matrices together with the characteristic impedance matrix of the Coupled transmission line model. In the case of linear loads and drivers, frequency domain methods in combination with Fourier transform techniques are certainly most effective.