144The safety and quality of milk and dairy products depend on the health and condition of the system used in the production of milk. To reduce the health risks, milk and dairy products require a healthy animal feed system, which begins and ends with cooling milk. Milk must transfer under hygienic conditions to begin manufacturing processes. Thermal processes help to produce healthy milk because it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The pasteurization is used to eliminate common pathogenic microorganisms (including Mycobacterium bovis, commonly responsible for tuberculosis and Coxiella burnetii, causing fever). It can increase the shelf life of milk by breaking down almost all molds, yeasts, and common spoilage bacteria, but spore cells are resistant to heat pasteurization. Microbial intoxication form the most serious risks that cause economic losses in milk products and health damage affecting human life, so a strict health system in the production of milk and dairy products must be followed.