The developed furnace slagging identification and boiler combustion optimization software can not only be used in a local computer system but can also be applied in the Internet-supported system. Furthermore, the research integrates the latest technologies of high-performance computing, cloud computing, web services, and CORBA to provide coal-fired power plant boiler combustion optimization platform based on the outputs of the research. The software developed based on the methods of online learning integrated with computational fluid dynamics can be applied to improve coal-fired power plant boiler combustion efficiency locally. The analysis for solutions show that the boiler combustion optimization platform supported by high-performance computing and Internet-supported technology can provide more reliable and faster combustion process optimization to many power plants distributed in different places simultaneously. Furthermore, creating higher performance computing cloud using cloud-computing technology to process computational fluid dynamics-based combustion simulation can make the fossil fuel power plant boiler combustion optimization platform more effective than the local boiler combustion optimization system.