In-house auxiliary power (AP) is used to drive the in-house equipment used for that particular unit. The total in-house AP varies between 6.5% and 8.3% of gross power generation including excitation power of 0.22%-0.30% (power used for the static excitation system of the generator) and losses in the generator transformer of 0.25%-0.35%. Boiler feed pumps (BFPs) are the major energy-consuming equipment and are essential to increase the feed water pressure in a coal-fired thermal power plant. Generally in a thermal power plant, BFPs are supplied along with booster pumps, which are mounted on the same shaft. In order to utilize the imported coal, the imported coal should be used along with Indian coal to control high heat in the furnace and also overcome clinker formation in the furnace. In view of overcoming the problems, the imported coal is fired along with Indian coal in proportion; this process is called coal blending.