The management system supporting agroecology practice is far from perfect in China. Baiquan County, located in the eastern part of Qiqihar City Municipality, is in the transition zone between the Xiao Xing’an Mountains and Songnen Plain in the midwestern part of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China. Eco-agriculture development has been occurring in Baiquan since the 1980s. The strategy of eco-agriculture development in Baiquan County began with identifying and analyzing the ecological and agriculture situation and then assembling an overall strategy for ecoagriculture development in Baiquan that combined biological, environmental, and social factors. Baiquan is a county with serious water and soil erosion in the black soil area of the Songnen Plain. Baiquan is located in the upland farming region of western Heilongjiang Province. Baiquan County’s science and technology promotion program focuses on saving resources, reducing pollution, producing high yields, and developing new techniques.