The term “eco-agriculture” used in China is essentially the same as the term “agroecology practice,” which is used in the United States and some other Western countries, and “environmentally friendly agriculture,” a term used in eastern Asia countries. Agriculture in China is also following the idea of developing a modern agroecology practice referred to as eco-agriculture, which features “comprehensive management of agricultural issues, transformation of major sectors, reuse and recycling, input control, clean production and safe output” to promote the ecological transformation of conventional agriculture. The major achievements of this period were the clarification and popularization of the basic concepts of ecoagriculture; numerous research papers were published, which helped to initially formulate the theoretical foundation of agroecology practice with Chinese characteristics, or eco-agriculture. The origin of agroecology practice can be traced back to Europe from the 1920s to the 1940s, when organic farms appeared in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.