This chapter discusses the interaction of dispersed particles and droplets with continuous-phase turbulence. It provides particle turbulence interactions for dilute suspensions of particles. Turbulence effects on the interphase exchange processes are important in spray combustion and many chemical and food processing systems such as spray dryers. Even in lightly laden flows, particle turbulence interaction can be important. Larger droplets that distort and/or break up will have even more complex interactions with the turbulence than are covered in the chapter. Particle dispersion is similar to turbulent scalar transport, in that particle velocities induced by the continuous-phase turbulence act to spread particles away from regions of high mean particle concentration. If turbulence is strongly attenuated by heavy loading of particles, turbulent dispersion may be substantially reduced. Turbulence can induce large variations in the velocity of particles within a small region of the flow is increases the probability of the collisions and also affects the energy of a typical collision.