The CLC2006 data layer is the eponymous product coordinated by the European Environ­ ment Agency (EEA) in cooperation with the European Commission (EC) and European Space Agency. The project became part of the Fast Track Service on Land Monitoring (FTS­LM) under the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program since 2012 referred to as Copernicus. Time consistency of interpreted satellite images was 2006 ± 1 year and CLC2006 data were available after 3 years. The applied interpretation of the computer­assisted photointerpretation (CAPI) method was complemented by ancillary data (scanned topographic maps, digital color aerial photographs-ortho­photos, results of the Land Parcel Identification System [LPIS]; Büttner, 2014), which enhanced the quality of interpretation results. Geometric accuracy of the satellite images used, geometric accu­ racy of CoORdination of Information on the Environment (CORINE) Land Cover (CLC) data, and the size of the smallest identified area and its minimum width did not change compared with the CLC2000 layer (see Table 2.1 in Chapter 2). Thirty­eight European countries and Turkey participated in the CLC2006 Project (see Table 2.2).