Post-mortem dismemberment is generally conducted using saws, knives and axes. This chapter covers more specific details around tool mark analysis related to the analysis of cuts created by saws. Knife cuts often show fewer markings, but sometimes, fine striations from damage on the blade are left on the cut bone. Knife marks can be differentiated from saw marks by a sharper V notch left on the bone. The location where the dismemberment takes place should also be examined for tool marks. The initial analysis for tool marks should be conducted by the forensic pathologist and/or forensic anthropologist. A false start kerf cannot usually be used to uniquely identify a saw blade. Exit chipping can help identify the direction in which the blade was moved through the bone. Lack of a positive match of striations does not necessarily eliminate a tool from the enquiry; it may simply be a case of not being able to recreate the sawing conditions.