Sharp weapons and implements have been used throughout history as a means of separating the human body into segments. This chapter considers the types of injuries that are seen in dismemberment cases with sharp implements such as knives, swords, axes, hatchets and loppers. Knives, swords and axes generally have a 'V-shaped' blade profile. Loppers, billhooks and cleavers may have a parallel-sided cutting faces. The chapter also considers weapons where the cutting action is the result of a chopping action of the blade rather than simply cutting or slicing. Axes and billhooks are still used in dismemberment cases today. Marks made by swords, daggers, axes, cleavers and machetes generally have features of chipping or flaking of the bone accompanied by fractures. With the correct and careful analysis of tool marks, there is a wealth of information that can be deduced to assist in the forensic analysis of a dismembered body.