During the 1980s, a key part of European Economic Community (EEC) economic policy was to target financial assistance to the most deprived regions of Europe. This chapter focuses on the progress made on public health action in the regions of England, as two stories. The first, to provide context, will be on the evolution of the English regions, which now has the 'footprint' of over 80 government agencies and many other organisations. The second story will describe the development of regional public health action at this important juncture of government and society. The chapter describes the work in the Yorkshire and Humberside Government Office, but acknowledging the development of similar work across all the regions. This tells a story of an evolving new public health agenda, which can be described in four phases: piloting new agendas, developing a consistent approach, building a coalition for change, and delivery. Finally, the chapter outlines what further work is required, risks and future opportunities.