ABSTRACT: Control of fibers´ dispersion in hardened fiber-reinforced composite, especially their spatial orientation and uniformity of distribution is very important for the final characteristics of the fiber-reinforced composite, which is foreseen in its proposal. The aim of the article is the application of the results of research into the systematic evaluation of sections of fiber-reinforced structures using image processing software. A mathematical expression of dispersion of fibers in fiber-reinforced concrete is incorporated into the evaluation software, which detects fibers, their angles of rotation and evaluates ellipse areas identified on the detection surface. Image processing and fiber detecting algorithm was developed specifically for research purposes. The resulting parameter of fiber dispersion reflects the distribution of printed fabrics and theoretically estimated amount of fibers. The detection area is randomly inserted via fiber-plane structure. Methodologies to be used for detection and evaluation forms the basis for determining the spatial homogeneity of the dispersion of fibers with a 3-D scanning devices.