At present, the research on pavement Permanent Deformation (PD) is mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized vehicles, while the influence of light truck on PD far beyond the general understanding, it should be taken into account seriously. In addition, the PD of each Asphalt Concrete (AC) layer is different under different vehicles. Besides, temperature has a great impact on the characteristic of materials which affect the different PD in each AC layer. In this paper, a three-dimensional finite element method as a tool, incorporating with different AC pavement structures, considering the measured vertical Tire-Pavement Contact Pressure (TPCP) of light truck with different loads, different tire pressure, lateral and longitudinal TPCP was considered. For obtaining more precise material properties of each layer, the temperature of each layer was calculated associated with modulus of each AC layer were utilized. Analyzing the PD under the light truck in each AC layer, which compared to the standard axle load truck, the results show that: (1) different types of trucks have different PD contribution in each layer; (2) the PD contribution of each layer has the same tendency under light trucks, overloading light trucks and standard trucks which were analyzed; (3) the PD in intermediate AC layer is bigger than the top and bottom AC layer; (4) when wheel load and tire inflation pressure is reasonable, overloading and less tire inflation would not do more damage to the pavement.