The Republic of Moldova is one of the young sovereign states that appeared on the map of Europe after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The law on expropriations for socially useful purposes was enacted in Moldova in 2000. Expropriations for a socially useful purpose differ significantly from requisitions from the legal point of view as well as in practical terms. The parties involved in the expropriation process are: the expropriated party on the one side and the expropriator on the other. It is necessary to examine the meaning of the term "value" in respect of the expropriated property for the determination of the amount payable as compensation for the damage suffered by the owner. The amount payable as compensation is determined according to the actual value of the immovable property or of the property rights to be expropriated and dependant on the damage suffered by the owner(s) of other exercisable rights.