Nanotechnology and nanoengineering are today witnessing one drastic challenge over another. The world of challenges and the vision in the field of application of carbon nanotubes are changing the face of human scientific endeavor. Human civilization and human scientific endeavor today stands in the midst of immense scientific vision and deep introspection. Mankind’s immense scientific prowess, the vast and versatile area of nanomaterials, and the futuristic vision will all lead a long and visionary way in the true emancipation of nanotechnology today. In this chapter, the author delves deep into the unknown depths of the science of carbon nanotubes and gives a detailed analysis of the recent endeavor in the field of nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, and the domain of nanotechnology as a whole. Scientific validation and technological vision are the needs of scientific research pursuit today. This chapter explores and investigates the vast scientific potential, the scientific success and the scientific profundity behind application of carbon nanotubes in diverse areas of engineering and science. Scientific vision behind carbon nanotubes applications are far-reaching in today’s world of scientific rejuvenation. The extraordinary 2mechanical properties and unique electrical properties of carbon nanotubes have resulted in immense research activities across the world since their groundbreaking discovery by Sumio Ijima of the NEC Corporation, Japan in the early 1990s. Science has been a colossus with a vast vision after that fascinating discovery. Although early research focused on growth and characterization, these interesting properties have vastly led to an increase in the number of investigations focused deeply on application development in the past 5 years. This chapter unravels the intricacies of scientific vision in carbon nanotubes applications in vast and versatile areas of scientific endeavor. This watershed text uncovers the scientific difficulties and deep barriers in the path toward deep realization in nanotechnology today.