The world of nanoscience and nanotechnology are surpassing one significant milestone over another. Scientific vision, deep scientific conscience, and the scientific fortitude will today lead a long and visionary way in the true emancipation of nanotechnology today. Human scientific and academic rigor in the field of nanotechnology is gearing today toward immense challenges. In this chapter, the author rigorously points out toward the scientific vision, the deep scientific cognizance, and the scientific profundity in the application areas of engineered nanomaterials, nanomaterials, and carbon nanotubes. Today nanotechnology is in the path of newer scientific rejuvenation and newer scientific restructuring. The author redefined the scientific vision behind application of nanomaterials and carbon nanomaterials with a clear objective toward furtherance of science and engineering. Today carbon nanotubes and other carbon nanomaterials have diverse applications in almost all the branch of science and engineering. Chemical process engineering, material science, petroleum engineering science, and environmental engineering are a few examples of this huge scientific vision of carbon nanomaterials and engineered nanomaterials applications. In this 30chapter, the author poignantly depicts and uncovers the scientific success, the scientific fortitude, and the vast scientific fabric of engineered nanomaterials and its applications. Human scientific endeavor and the path of scientific profundity in the field of engineered nanomaterials are changing the vast scientific firmament today. This chapter is a deep scientific insight into the world of challenges and the world of scientific inspiration in the field of carbon nanotubes and engineered nanomaterials.