Human civilization and human scientific endeavor are today moving from one scientific paradigm toward another. The world of environmental engineering is witnessing one definite challenge over another. Technology and engineering science of nanotechnology are in the path of newer scientific regeneration. Vision and the challenge of environmental engineering applications of carbon nanotubes is extremely challenging today. Carbon nanotubes, nanomaterials, and engineered nanomaterials are in the path of newer scientific rejuvenation today. In this chapter, the author poignantly depicts the vast areas of applications of carbon nanotubes in environmental protection. Industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, and the futuristic vision of environmental sustainability will all lead a long and visionary way in the true realization of carbon nanotubes applications today. Nanotechnology is an emerging area of science that covers a wide range of technologies which are present in the nanoscale. Technological motivation and scientific profundity are the hallmark of scientific research pursuit in nanotechnology. Environmental protection today stands in the midst of vision and scientific introspection. Climate change, loss of ecological biodiversity, and the frequent environmental disasters have urged scientists throughout the world to move toward newer scientific innovations and the era of scientific emancipation in nanotechnology. Technological innovations are few in nanotechnology but the vision is bright and groundbreaking. This chapter gives a strong message toward the human scientific success, the visionary ideals and the futuristic vision in the path toward carbon nanotubes applications to environmental protection. Human scientific progress and the vast scientific vision are the torchbearers toward a newer beginning in the world of nanotechnology.