The existing telecommunications networks are bursting at the seams with exponential growth of digital data largely because the piping and moving, as well as handling of voices, videos, texts, and images have become commoditized with ever-increasing downward cost pressure. All signs points to a congested, uncertain time ahead—a crowded, cloudy future world for the wireless telecommunications industry. Alice is a secure cloud-based intelligent personal assistant (IPA) accustomed to multitasking and analyzing massive amount of real-time information. Component parts of this future are happening now personal digital assistants, smart home automation, Internet of Things (IoT) smart healthcare system, cloud enterprise resource planning, and ambient intelligence. IoT provides the means to sense, monitor, manage, and control smart interconnected devices. With ubiquitous IoT trend, the US mobile carrier industry has to strategically position itself to effectively and efficiently market and support the ever increasing and accelerating demands for bandwidth, expansion of connected devices, intensive computing consumptions, and automated service lifecycle.