In this work, we propose a staggered parallel two-wheel PMV for better stability, due to the possible of roll direction control to counter external disturbance in roll direction. The objective of this work is to investigate the stability of the staggered parallel two-wheel PMV subjected to external forces (disturbances) in pitch and roll directions. We have developed the vehicle model based on multibody system approach for dynamics simulation and analysis. With the developed vehicle model and simulation conditions for wheelbase reconfigurations, we have conducted two stability analyses by simulation: (a) Vehicle response to external force in pitch direction, and (b) Vehicle response to external force in roll direction. We have observed that the staggered wheel configurations have lower maximum pitch angle and also maximum motor torque (better stability). As the wheelbase getting longer, the maximum roll angle and motor torque are significantly high. The convergence time of the staggered wheel configurations are also improved with initial velocity.