In this paper, the lane-change path tracking problem for an autonomous Four-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Ground Vehicles (4WID-EGV) during overtaking maneuver under the conditions of uncertainty of tire stiffness and disturbance existence are researched. Since the disturbances may be perennial, only Input-to-State Stability (ISS) property can be guaranteed for the closed system. Meanwhile, considering the advantages of Model Predictive Control (MPC) in resolving constraints and decreasing computation, a Robust Model Predictive Control (RMPC) controller that satisfy the ISS property is constructed to solve the state tracking problem. Simulation about the different uncertainty of tire stiffness for three controllers is implemented to evaluate the performance of the proposed control systems. The simulation results show that, comparing the NMPC and MPC, the proposed RMPC controller is capable of controlling vehicle to track the reference states with supernal precision, even though the uncertainty of tire stiffness is large.