Successful disease management in most cropping systems involves an integrated program that includes cultural practices combined with the use of pesticides. Disease management practices were devised to manage existing epidemics and to prevent new ones. Exclusion and quarantine are methods that restrict the movement of a pathogen to regions in which the pathogen is not endemic. The term sanitation is usually reserved for the physical measures that are used to eliminate sources of inoculum from plant residues, propagation tools, farm equipment, pots, benches, and other sources. Quarantine is the use of legal or regulatory means to prevent material, in this case plant material, from moving in an unrestricted fashion into or out of a specific area or jurisdiction. Embargo refers to the international prohibition on the movement of goods imposed on one country by another. Local quarantine measures for the control of Dutch elm disease by eradication remain in effect in some areas, for example in California and Minnesota.