Flowering of Chlorophytum is related to elongation of the main axis of the plant and this is controlled by photoperiod. Branched stolons with plantlets were produced on the cv ‘Vittatum’ with 10-hr SD after 120 days, and those with flowers developed in continuous light after the same period. Small white flowers with six stamens and perianth rotate are borne in loose panicles on more or less branching shoots of up to 100 cm in length. Small lateral rosettes are formed, and elongated axes are produced again. Several plantlets form at the end of the flowering stalks after the flowers fade. An increase in the number of leaves on the plant, temperature, and light interacts with the photoperiod to reduce the number of days to stolon formation if LD-grown plants are used. With SD-grown plants, 4 to 8 weeks of LD followed by SD reduced the number of rosette leaves.