Insect cell culture is recognized as an emerging technology for the production of biologicals, including recombinant proteins and biological insecticides, primarily through the use of baculovirus expression vectors (BEV). Even though a large number of widely differing proteins have been cloned and expressed in insect cell culture using BEV. Insect cell cultivation is only a variant of mammalian cell culture, and this is true independent of propagation scale. Strategies aimed at outright avoiding of direct sparging or, more generally, of any extended liquid-gas interface, such as attempts to aerate the insect cell culture through semipermeable silicon or teflon tubing are of limited practical use for scale-up. Further progress in the generalized use of insect cell culture for commercial applications will depend on the development of cheap, conveniently formulated culture media. The design of specialized as well as all-purpose baculovirus vectors will offer even more power to high-level insect cell-based gene expression.