This chapter discusses technologies and practices for the utilization of sweet potato for industries of starch, distilled spirit "Shochu" and alcohol production and also investigates utilization or disposal of by-product. In some countries, sweet potatoes are used as raw material of industries. The items of industrial use include starch, distilled spirits, alcohol production. Roots of sweet potatoes contain 20 to 30% of starch and are one of the important starch-producing crops in the world. They can be grown throughout the year in the tropics, though production is limited to about 5 to 6 months in the temperate areas. Average gelatinization temperature for starch from six cultivars of sweet potatoes was found to range from 63.6 to 70.7°C by Madamba et al. Industrial use of sweet potato may be a growth industry, if the raw material supplies are constant and efficiency of production is stabilized.