Food fortification uses the addition of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, or unsaturated fatty acids. It is also used to balance the nutrient profile, substituting conformed to natural products in terms of nutritional value. Fortification of dairy products with fatty acids is recovered as in the case of animal feed, mainly vegetable oils (usually linseed oil) and marine raw materials (fish, algae). Meat is a naturally poor source of n–3 PUFA, and therefore its fortification is necessary, mainly through appropriate feeding. The marine world represents a relatively untapped source of functional ingredients that can be applied to numerous aspects of food processing, storage, and fortification. Fish oils have many dietary benefits, but due to their strong odors and rapid deterioration, their application in food formulations is limited. For these reasons, nano-liposome was used to nano-encapsulate fish oil and encapsulated fish oil was utilized in fortifying yogurt.